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A Closer Look

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Khari O. Edwards is the son of immigrant parents from Trinidad and Guyana. He is a devoted husband and proud father of three wonderful children. Khari Edwards is recognized as being a connector of the people, believing in putting people first.

Khari’s professional experience has allowed him to turn civic concerns into community priorities. He understands the power of advocacy and is a compassionate supporter of Brooklyn.

Experienced Leader

For nearly two decades, Khari’s career has been dedicated to community development and political action throughout the City and State of New York. Having worked behind the scenes in various capacities for several elected officials, non-profit organizations, and city agencies, Khari has a deep understanding for what is needed to strengthen communities and enhance the everyday lives of all Brooklynites.

Khari has served as the regional representative for Brooklyn in the Governor’s office. This served to amplify Khari’s appreciation for the diversity of Brooklyn and that no matter the zip code, neighborhood, or circumstance, we are one Brooklyn.

Community Leader

Khari served as Vice President of External Affairs at the Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, where he was the first Vice President of color. In this role, Khari was responsible for the education, marketing, and dissemination of information to 1.3 million Brooklynites.

Khari has created several community-based initiatives in order to re-engage and realign the needs of the community, targeting those in need. He has opened Brookdale Hospital up as a community resource, building partnerships with many with several community based organizations. Khari has hosted free math tutoring programs geared toward young women of color. He is also one of the lead coordinators of the East Brooklyn Call to Action campaign a project that addresses the disparities surrounding housing, healthcare, workforce development, and physical fitness for central Brooklynites.

Khari Edwards is the Brooklyn Council President for Make-A-Wish New York and led a two-year campaign to enlist volunteers to increase support and enrollment for wish granters of children in Brooklyn. He also led the creation of “It Starts Here,” a program geared to address gun violence throughout Brooklyn, which hosted over 1200 students to date.

Brooklyn Vested

Khari Edwards easily transitions between  community and government as he has he an innate ability to draw people in from all walks of life. Khari’s keen ability to listen and relate to the needs of the people is the foundation of his civic and community-related passions. He recognizes that this level of integrity will provide him with the tools he needs to deliver the results required by future constituents.

Khari Edwards sees beyond the politics. He has a firm grasp of the current and impending struggles of those in and outside of his community. Khari is a hands-on leader that sincerely believes in sitting down face-to-face with people to get to the bottom of life altering issues. Khari doesn’t believe in saying yes and doing no!  He is dedicated to Brooklyn by choice, not by circumstance. His will provide Brooklyn with the results needed to continually thrive. 

Khari Edwards is not only Brooklyn proud and Brooklyn strong, he is Brooklyn vested!


Khari is a hands-on leader who sincerely believes in sitting down face-to-face with people to get to the bottom of life altering issues.  He doesn’t believe in providing lip service, but in providing community service.

Khari is a results-driven advocate and proponent for the people of the community. Khari is BROOKLYN VESTED.

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From both a personal and professional standpoint, Khari Edwards is recognized as being a connector of the people, believing in putting people first.